Celebrity Gogglebox star Gyles Brandreth scares Joanna Lumley - Somerset Live

2022-06-18 21:48:12 By : Mr. Leo Teng

The posh pairing is always up to some mischief on the Channel 4 show

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Celebrity Gogglebox is as popular as the real thing, with much-loved faces coming together on sofas to dissect the latest TV. From Andi Oliver and her daughter Miquita to Rylan Clark and his mum and comedians Tom Allen and Rob Beckett, there are so many funny pairs.

But in Friday's (June 17) programme, one dynamic duo outstripped them all when Gyles Brandreth got sassy with Joanna Lumley. The national treasure, star of Absolutely Fabulous and all-round legend was chatting with her sofa mate about the scariest film she had seen.

"When I saw The Exorcist, I went back home alone and I left the light on all night. I've never been so frightened by a film in my life."

Gyles affects a lack of interest as he butters a cracker on the coffee table. And then suddenly he bellows, interrupting Joanna, who gasps and jumps back.

"Gyles, what if I had died?" she says, laughing, as Gyles giggles. Gyles would definitely become public enemy number one if something happened to beloved Joanna.